Accidental Cosmetic Refund Requests - Show-Bucks , Kudos, Costumes, Skins etc

We heard your feedback on accidental cosmetic purchases - and we're sorry!

To make it right:

✨ We’re improving the store design to prevent this

✨ All refund requests for cosmetics from 21st June 2022 will be honoured until we improve the store

We’re giving everyone GRANDIS - see more on our Twitter post here. Please allow 7 days for this to be granted to your inventory.

To request a refund, please submit a ticket. You can use this link (after you have signed in to make a request).  Remember to include details of the items you are requesting to be refunded. When a refund is approved, the item you purchased incorrectly will be removed from your inventory.

Once you have requested a refund, please allow up to 7 days for your ticket to be reviewed.

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