How do I claim my Gamepass Ultimate costumes? ( eg Robo Rabbit )

We have a brand new Perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members! 

These perks will be monthly drops for three months after June 21st.


How do I redeem the Game Pass Ultimate Perks?

Please head over to in your browser and enter the code for redeeming this content. Once redeemed, you will then be able to claim your new costume on Xbox.

You can find your code by navigating to the Game Pass section of the Xbox interface. Alternatively, you can also redeem your perks on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app by selecting the Perks tab on your profile page or by using the Game Pass tab on the Xbox app on PC. However you must login via an Xbox for the perks to update on your Fall Guys account.  


What do I do if I’m not able to redeem the code?

We’re not able to assist with issues related to code redemption.

If you’re having issues redeeming your code, please contact Xbox Support


Are the costumes cross-platform?

Yes, once claimed (which can only be done on Xbox), the costumes will be available on all devices you play Fall Guys on. 

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