Crown Clash Challenge Information

What do I need to do to take part in Crown Clash?

Once you’ve loaded up Fall Guys on any platform/device, you simply need to take part in our Challenge by playing any rounds in any show! Once you’ve completed a round (qualified or not), you’ll start earning progress towards your Kudos rewards.

How long does the Challenge last?

Crown Clash will start on June 29th and continue on until July 11th, so get yourself into the Blunderdome!

My Challenge isn't updating?

If you disconnect or quit, the Challenge won't progress. You'll need to continue playing again and either Qualify or be Disqualified (or Win!) for the Challenge progress to update! Please allow up to an hour for updates to show.

What rewards can I get as part of the event?

Kudos!!! Every reward for the Crown Clash will net you a chunk of Kudos to spend as you wish.

10 Rounds -  300 Kudos

20 Rounds - Additional 500 Kudos

40 Rounds - Additional 800 Kudos

70 Rounds - Additional 1,000 Kudos

100 Rounds - Additional 1,200 Kudos 

(Totalling 3,800 Kudos!)

How do I claim the rewards/The rewards aren’t showing?

You’ll earn these rewards automatically on your Epic Games account and will show up in Fall Guys, nothing more for you to do. You might need to reload the game if you don’t see them right away though. 

Please wait a couple of hours and make sure to perform a full restart of your device if you have checked your progress and still not received your Kudos. 

I’d like more information on Crown Clash

Sure! Head over to Epic Games here

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