What is a Season Pass?

The Season Pass is an enhanced version of the free in-game progression path. It’s unlocked with Show-Bucks and grants the ability to earn extra costumes and other unlockables on top of the standard progression. The Season Pass will cover 100 Total Tiers. 


What’s happening with the Fame Path?
The Fame path is becoming the standard version of your in-game progression path. 

All players will have 50 free rewards available, but will have the option to purchase the full Season Pass and unlock the remaining 50 rewards!


How do I get a Season Pass?

There’s more than one way to get access to the Season Pass!

The Season 1 Pass is part of the Legacy Pack, so if you’ve managed to pick that up, you’ll get access to the Season 1 Pass as part of that pack.

You are also able to purchase the Season Pass with Show-Bucks or as part of a Bundle. You can pick up Show-Bucks in the in-game shop.


How do I level up the Season Pass?

You can progress by gaining Fame through shows or completing challenges and live events. You can also use Tier Skips if you have the Season Pass purchased. 


What happens when the Season Pass ends?

You’ll keep all the rewards you’ve earned from that Season Pass. When the next Season

begins, all players will start at Tier 1.


What happens if I upgrade to the Season Pass during the Season?

If you upgrade to Season Pass during a Season, all rewards up to where you have levelled will backdate and be granted to your account! 

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