Currency Change and Crowns Conversion after Fall Guys Goes Free for All

What are Show-Bucks and how do I get them?

Show-Bucks are our new premium in-game currency, purchasable via the store. 


What’s happening to Crowns?

Crowns are now for prestige and will no longer be a spendable currency. Crowns will be converted to Kudos at a rate of 2000 Kudos per crown at our update on 21st June. 


What about my Crown Rank?

Crown Ranks and their rewards will remain in game and you will still earn ranks as you play. 


And Kudos?

Kudos can be used to acquire select in-game items and can only be earned through in-game activities like challenges and events. They will no longer be available to purchase via the store.


Where can I buy Show-Bucks?

Show-Bucks can be purchased in-game or on the store page of your preferred platform. (If you are playing on Steam, Show-Bucks purchases will only be available in-game)


Note - Show-Bucks may only show as available to use on the platform you purchased them on, depending on the platform you use. If that is the case, then Show-Bucks cannot be transferred across platforms. To make the most of them, you will need to spend them in-store on the platform you used to make the purchase, and then your store items will be usable cross platform.  For more information, click here.

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