Game Update 4th March 2022

🔧 Update went out today! Here is what was in it (thread):

  • [PlayStation] IMPROVEMENTS to instances of crashing on PS. We are still actively monitoring this. Players should see considerably reduced instances of crashing on console.
  • [Gameplay] Players will no longer float upwards into the sky at the start of a round
  • [Gameplay] Players will no longer stutter on moving conveyor belts
  • [Gameplay] Conveyor belts will no longer launch players forward continuously after a round ends on levels such as Lost Temple
  • [Gameplay] Players will be correctly eliminated after falling into the slime on levels such as Jump Showdown and Hex-a-gone

We are working on other high priority issues, such as jumps failing, for a future update! Thanks so much for your patience beans!

If you are encountering any other Bugs, please take a look at Bug Squishing Advice from Bee!for tips on what to put in your Bug reports to help us investigate. Remember to always include your Support ID, your Player Logs (if on PC), and the Date and Time of the bug.

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