Crossplay - How do I play with PlayStation / Steam Friends / Friends on another platform?

Crossplay is now possible through the Social Panel!  

Linking your PSN and Steam accounts to your Epic account will allow playing over both platforms with friends.

If your friend has linked their Steam/PSN account to their Epic account and you are friends on Epic, you will be able to see that they are online and will be able to join them in a game even if you are on two different platforms! 


How does crossplay work?

You need to have your Steam and Playstation accounts linked to your Epic Games Account to use crossplay in the Social Panel. 


How do I link my Steam or PSN account to Epic?

Head to your Epic Games account and select Accounts on the Connections tab.  

Click here for steps and a video guide.


Who will I see in the Social Panel’s Friends List?

You will see your Epic friends, as well as the friends you are friends with on your current platform as long as they are online.



  • You won't see your PlayStation friends who have not linked their Epic Games Account to their PSN account, when playing on Steam.
  • You won't see your Steam friends who have not linked their Epic Games Account to their Steam account, when playing on PlayStation.


How and who can I search for to add them to my Friends List?

You can search for friends using either their Epic or PlayStation name, provided that they have linked their PlayStation account to an Epic Games account.


Remember, if you are already platform friends with someone (e.g., PlayStation friends), they will always appear in your Friends list if you are both online on the same platform at the same time. 

If you’re not already friends on that platform (Steam/PlayStation), you can’t search for any friends if they haven’t linked their platform to their Epic Games Account.

Who can I send/receive game invites to/from?

You can play with anyone on Steam or PlayStation as long as they’ve linked to an Epic Games account and you are friends in Epic. You can also play with anyone you are friends with on Steam or PlayStation as long as you are both online and are both on the same platform.


*: This invite will be sent through the platform, so you don't need to be friends in Epic to play with your platform-only friends when you're on the same platform!

How does Blocking work?

The Social Panel respects your blocklist both on Epic and the platform you are currently on. If you have blocked someone in Epic, they will be removed from your Epic friends list, and you will no longer receive their game or friend invites. 

If you have not blocked someone in Epic, but have blocked them on PlayStation and/or Steam, their game and friend invites will be blocked when you are playing on the same platform that you blocked them on.

If someone is blocked in Epic, you can search for that user, you’ll see a blocked indicator on their name in the search results.

If someone is blocked on a platform, when you are currently on that platform and you open the Profile Card for that user, you’ll see a message that states: “[ Platform ] Blocked”

(This doesn’t always appear for Steam users, however the invites are being blocked.)

You can unblock someone in Epic by searching for them and you can then add them as an Epic friend again. 

For more information on how to use the Social Panel- click here

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