Social Panel / Friends List and Crossplay Guide

Our Social Panel has three tabs:

  • Friends List
  • Pending Friend Requests 
  • Settings

It will also allow you to view another Player’s Profile Card.


Friends List

The Friends list will show you all of your Epic friends, and also your friends for the platform you are currently playing on eg. Steam or PSN.

In this list, you can see what your friends are playing and also search for new Epic friends to add. 

You will also receive invitations to play Fall Guys from your Friends (if you’re both ingame) Plus if you notice a friend playing Fall Guys, you can request to group up!



Friend Requests

On the second tab, you can see and search a list of all incoming friend requests. 

Remember - New friends aren’t added here. Switch to the Friends List tab to search for new friends that haven’t yet sent you a request.




  • Do Not Disturb: This disables all notifications from the Social Panel, because sometimes you need to fully focus on grabbing that Crown. They’ll be shown on the Social Tab when you next open it. This setting resets when you close the game
  • Receiving Friend Requests: You can use this setting to control who you receive friend requests from.



What else can the Social Panel do? 

When you select a friend, their Profile Card will open. This Profile Card will show information about them, give you options to invite/join them, and if they are an Epic Friend you can manage that friendship.

The Profile Card will look different depending on how you’re friends with them.


Can I play Fall Guys with this Friend?

If you are able to play Fall Guys with a person on your Friends List, you’ll see an Invite and/or Join button. 


What's the difference between an Epic/Steam/PSN friend?

Epic friends will have an auto-generated Epic avatar (colour + first initial of display name), while PSN/Steam friends will have avatars that display icons for their platform.

Epic friends will be able to Add / remove as a friend, block, and report as well as see their connected accounts.

PlayStation friends that appear in your Friends List when you are also on PlayStation, you will have the option to open their PSN Profile from the Profile Card. 

(Note: Viewing a Steam Profile is not yet a feature for friends that appear in your Friends list when you are on Steam.)


I see a Friend twice on my Friends List!

If you are on PlayStation and are friends with a person on Epic AND PlayStation, you will see them twice on your friends list; once for each platform. 

We’re working on making this better!


I am seeing an error that says “Problem Loading Content” or “You need an Epic Games Account to Crossplay with your friends.” 

This usually means everything has gone a bit wrong on our side! Try to wait 30mins and restart the game. If it continues for more than a couple of hours, let us know and we’ll help!


For more information on Crossplay - click here


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