Failed to Login, please check your connection 200_001 or Stuck on Loading / Connecting - Black Screen


Check that you have the right Fall Guys Launcher. Uninstall all versions of Fall Guys you have on your console, restart and then download again from your Game Library. (this is especially important if you have played the Beta.) 



Sometimes logging in here by selecting Nintendo Switch as the login option will update your account and allow you to play. 


All Consoles

Make sure your timezone is set to automatic  (Synchronize Clock via Internet)





Try to verify your game files - 

Epic Games -

Steam -


Run your launcher as Admin (Right click, run as Admin) 



Failed to Login, please check your connection or Stuck on Loading/Connecting might mean an issue with C++.

You'll need to uninstall and reinstall it for Fall Guys to run.  


Firstly we'll need to uninstall any existing Microsoft Visual C++ {year} Redistributable entries in Add/Remove Programs of Windows:


1. Uninstall from the Control Panel

In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.

Select Programs Programs and Features.

Press and hold (or right-click) on the Microsoft Visual C++ {year} and Uninstall + follow the directions on the screen. You will need to do this one at a time.


2. Restart Windows once completed.


3. Reinstall C++

Then, install the latest Visual C++ redistributable package from:

Install both and

You will get an error for one of them depending on your operating system - this is normal. 


Finally, run Epic Games Store or Steam as Admin and start the game normally.


You can also try some standard updates for Windows:


Check for Missing or Corrupted System Files 

This Windows tool helps to locate issues on your Operating System. 


Update Network Drivers

Network cards are something that rarely get updated so make sure they are the most recent version
Click Start  > Device Manager
Expand the Network Adapters category, right click on each and Update Driver
You may need to visit the manufacturers website to get the most up to date driver


Further Steps:

The above is the usual resolution for this issue, if you still are stuck the issue is likely with your security or connection:

If you can open the page in a web browser, then your firewall software / Windows firewall is blocking the connection.
If they're unable to open the page at all, then your router / ISP is most likely blocking it.

It could also be that the connection is failing due to SSL certificate issue, which means that your Windows Certificate Store is outdated and you can repair it by using the Windows Updater to download all available updates.


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