I need to switch my Fall Guys profile and change my primary profile progress

If you have linked all your platform profiles to your Epic Games Account but picked the wrong one for your cross-platform progress, you can reach out to our Support Team to change your primary profile.


Before contacting Support, please make sure all platforms you play Fall Guys on are connected to your Epic Games Account - we cannot switch profiles unless the profiles are connected to the same Epic Games Account.


You can switch accounts only if your secondary account was created before November 30th 2021 when the Epic Games Account login was introduced. For example, you won't be able to switch accounts or transfer items between two accounts where both were created after November 30th 2021.

Note: If you are missing progress/items and you started playing after this date, you are possibly logged into the wrong Epic Games Account.

Remember: You can only switch your profiles once. If you have already contacted Support and had your profiles switched, that switch is final.  

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