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We're super excited to share that the release of Fall Guys Season 6 will bring cross-platform progression to Fall Guys with the introduction of Epic Games Accounts. By linking an Epic Games Account to Fall Guys, you can take your progress with you across all platforms.

If you’ve already got an Epic Games Account, you will be able to login with your usual details to link it to Fall Guys. If you don’t, you’ll be prompted to create one quickly and easily by following the in-game instructions.

What's an Epic Games Account?

An Epic Games Account is a login used to connect and play with your friends across games and platforms that use Epic Account Services. Millions of players already use Epic Games Accounts to enjoy Rocket League and Fortnite, and now you can use the same account to play Fall Guys, too!

Once you’ve linked an Epic Games Account to Fall Guys on your platform of choice, your platform progress will become your primary profile. That’s your Costumes, Nameplates, Fame Path progress... all that good stuff. Your Epic Games Account lets you carry your Fall Guys progress with you, wherever you choose to stumble.

Can I combine my Crown Rank, Shards, Crowns or Kudos from different platforms?

No, you will need to pick one platform to become your primary profile for your progress. 

The first time you play Fall Guys when Epic Games Accounts are available, make sure you pick the platform you want to be your primary profile (e.g. if you have more progress on your PlayStation than Steam, load Fall Guys on your PlayStation after connecting your profiles to your Epic Games Account so your PlayStation progress becomes your primary profile).

Any Fame Path progress, Crowns or Kudos from other profiles cannot be merged, so if you have Kudos or Crowns to use, make sure you make the most of them in the store before the end of the Season!

I’ve already logged in and connected to Fall Guys but it’s not the progress I want as my primary profile. Can I switch?

Yes, but you can only switch your primary profile once. You’ll need to contact Support for us to action this for you. Click here for more details.

What about Items like Costumes (including DLC) or Nameplates that I purchased on my secondary profile?

If you have different items unlocked on your Steam and PlayStation profiles, we can transfer them so you have them all on your primary profile. To do this, please contact Support after you’ve linked your Epic Games Account and we’d be happy to look into this for you.  Remember, we’ll need your Support ID for this kind of ticket.

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