What can Fall Guys Support help with?

Our goal here at Fall Guys Support is to help you get back into the game and share your feedback and experiences with our development team.  

We’re a friendly, helpful bunch, and if you’re having trouble with Fall Guys we’ll do our best to get you back into the shows and resolve your issues. However, it’s important to remember that there’s limits to what we can help with - not because we don’t want to, just simply because we’re not able to!

Here’s some examples of the sorts of things we can help with:

  • In-game bugs: see something weird or unexpected? If you’ve got details to help us investigate, we’d really appreciate them.  Click here for some advice from Bee on the sorts of information that will help us investigate!
  • Achievements that didn’t unlock when you expected them to
  • Missing costumes and items from game store transactions
  • In-game challenges or events
  • Crashes, graphic issues, or being unable to connect to the game
  • Player Conduct or Cheater Reports
  • ...pretty much anything in the game, and most things around getting back into the game!


Here’s things that we cannot help with that you’ll need to contact another Support team for:

Epic Games Account Support

We’re not able to see the details of your Epic Games Account, only if your Fall Guys profile is connected to one. If you’re having trouble with logging into your Epic Games Account, please visit the Epic Games Account Support Page here.


Billing Support

Any transactions you do through your platform’s store, such as purchasing DLC packs, is managed entirely by your platform provider (e.g. Steam or Playstation Network).  We don’t have access to any of your billing information or details, and we only see the purchase on your Fall Guys account after it has fully completed with your platform’s store (sometimes this can take a little while - click here for more information).  


Hardware Issues

If you’re having trouble with your PC, console or controller, please contact the support site of the system manufacturer.  We’re not able to make any recommendations for replacement hardware to meet our system requirements - we can only tell you what the system requirements are. We don’t like to play favourites!


Firewall or Antivirus settings, or any other third-party software

For your security applications please visit the software manufacturer’s support site for help with making changes to your Firewall or Antivirus. This is the same for any other third-party software issues you are having, if you suspect they’re interfering with your gameplay.

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