How do I join a Beta Test?

First, you need to join our Board of Beans.  Click here for information on how you can do this!

Once you're a part of our Board of Beans, you may have the chance to get invited to Beta Tests, but it doesn't guarantee you access to all Betas.  When you sign up, you'll receive a form to complete.   

For the chance to participate in future betas, you must complete the form with all of the required information and agree to the legally binding NDA and all relevant Terms.

It's also important to remember that you cannot receive a key if:

  • You’re based outside of the EU, NA, LatAM or Canada regions - unfortunately we're not able to run Betas outside of these regions at the moment.
  • You’ve not opted-in on the form - If you do not select the ‘opt-in’ for us to contact you, we cannot send you a Beta key! It’s the GDPR rules.
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