Fall Guys Beta FAQs

Why didn't I get a key to the last Beta?

Remember that being on the Board of Beans doesn't guarantee you access to all Betas.  When you sign up, you'll receive a form to complete.   

For the chance to participate in future betas, you must complete the form with all of the required information and agree to the legally binding NDA and all relevant Terms.

It's also important to remember that you cannot receive a key if:

  • You’re based outside of the EU, NA, LatAM or Canada regions - unfortunately we're not able to run Betas outside of these regions at the moment.
  • You’ve not opted-in on the form - If you do not select the ‘opt-in’ for us to contact you, we cannot send you a Beta key! It’s the GDPR rules.

I want to play with my friends but they got a Beta key and I didn't!

We totally get that it can be disappointing if you have friends invited to a playtest when you’re not!

Please remember, Beta playtests only run for a short amount of time and we’ll continue to try and extend participation as much as we can. But sometimes, not everybody is going to make it in.


My new Beta key was revoked. What happened?

It depends! Here are some possibilities

  • Incorrect Support ID - There could be a typo, reach out to bobs@mediatonic.co.uk to update it.
  • No feedback - Our number one priority is to find out how players feel about the playtest. With space limited, we may revoke Beta access if we do not receive game feedback
  • Violating the NDA/Beta Agreement - Breaching either of these is cause for immediate revocation of your Beta key and a ban from all future playtests.


Where is the Beta Discord?

The Beta Discord is for active playtesters. If you’re selected to take part in a Beta, you’ll have an invitation to join emailed to you, along with your Beta Key.


When is the next Beta?

Keep an eye on your emails! Announcements about Betas that you are invited to join will be emailed to you. They will not be announced on the Discord server.


Where do I go to complete the post-Beta Survey?

This is sent via email approximately 30 minutes after the Beta starts. Completing this is really important, as it not only provides us with super valuable feedback to help us improve Fall Guys, but it also helps us decide which players we invite for future playtests.


We are beyond grateful for all the feedback you provide - we literally could not make informed decisions about the future of Fall Guys without you.


I’ve been mean to the Support Team and they still haven’t given me a Beta Key!

So most importantly, the Blunderdome and all of the people that work with us are here to try and make your experience as positive as possible. Sometimes an outcome or situation will not be what you want and we appreciate that can be frustrating. But it’s never an excuse to be rude or abusive to our staff or other players. All players must adhere to the Rules of Conduct as per our EULA. It’s nicer to be nice, isn’t it?

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