Bug Squishing Advice from Bee!

Hey friends!
Here are some things you can do whilst you capture footage and test the game that helps us look at bugs way better. I’ll try to keep this short and clear :D!

Aesthetic bugs

Camera doing super strange things? Costume clipping in a ridiculous manner? Anything that looks to be some sort of visual issue that wouldn’t pertain to latency, desync, etc, can just be as simple as a video or a screenshot without a Log.
You only really need it to be a video if the thing needs to be in motion to illustrate it.
Though we love Logs for everything, they aren’t needed for things like Typos, etc.
Always try and get a clip (I assume you’ll be recording anyway) for anything that pertains to
collisions, or things that knock you Out-of-Bounds, or exploits.
For example, if one of our sideways Yeetuses knocks you out of bounds and respawns
you at the start of a map - video please!

Server-side bugs, desyncs, disconnects

Grabbed from a billion miles away? Unable to climb? Stuck on the floor? Kicked out of a party or spontaneously thrown back to the start menu? ANYTHING that makes you wonder if it’s latency-based, ping-based, or something more technical than a visual or level issue - please pause and save a log.
I suggest trying this after you play a round just to get used to finding it - I promise it isn’t difficult though.
When you encounter a bug, please pause, and make a copy of that file to a new place on your desktop (documents for example), and save it as the bug’s name (that’s how I find it easiest to remember), i.e, “PartyDisconnect” 
If you aren’t sure if a log is needed for the bug you encounter - and it’s not too much trouble - make it anyway. That file is overwritten the more you play, which is why it’s important to try and pause at the end of that round to get the file so the information is as up-to-date as possible for us!
Then, when you send your information to Support, attach the log file for this.  Ideally, send in a separate ticket per bug - this is because it’s automatically sorted for us and if we put them all in one, it’ll be VERY hard for our team to sort them and distinguish what reports are linked to the bugs.
Include the date and time in your comms no matter what, especially if you’re sending these a few hours or a day after you play.
And, should this be unclear, or you forget any step- don’t worry. We appreciate what you're trying to do and anything you have in terms of information would be appreciated. These are just the steps that make it easy for us to investigate and really accelerate the rate at which we can solve them.
- Bee
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