I've not received my purchased DLC Items or Kudos Pack.

If you haven't received your DLC items or Kudos Pack from Steam or the PlayStation Store, try restarting the game first and make sure your purchase has updated on your account and any content has downloaded.

Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for purchases to update. Please note that we don't handle purchases directly, so if you have an issue with your purchase you will need to contact the provider you purchased from, e.g. Steam or Playstation Store.

If you still don't have your DLC after contacting your store, you'll need to contact our Support Team, but make sure you send them the following information so they can help:

  • Your Support ID
  • A screenshot of your purchase history
  • A copy of your purchase receipt (this will usually be in an email)
  • Any information the store has already provided from when you contacted them
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