I keep seeing "Connection to Server Timed Out, Please Check the Settings and Try Again"

I keep seeing "Connection to Server Timed Out, Please Check the Settings and Try Again"

Whether you're playing on your own or with friends, if you see this message, it's probably not you, it's us. Even though it says to check the settings, we really mean 'try turning your Router on and off again', and if that doesn't fix it - it's definitely us.


Important: We are able to see when server outages occur, we're sorry that they happen - and you do not need to report them at this time - please see "How do I check if servers are down" below.


I'm Seeing it a few times a day - Why?:

Our advice at the moment is to give it some time - we're probably experiencing a power surge of stumbling jellybeans that has pushed you out of your game. We're sorry - we're working to make these issues go away forever. Put the kettle on, mow the lawn, pop back and you should be good to go.


I'm seeing it every time I try to play - Why?:

If you're seeing it every time - that's no fun, and it's likely that our servers are down.


How do I check if the servers are down?

The best place for the latest updates is our Twitter Page here. Our Community Team will keep you updated (and entertained!) until the game is back online. You can also head back to the Home page of our Support portal here where we post alerts and promoted articles - if you don't see anything new here but you think there might be something going on, clear your cache and refresh the page!


What Can I Do? Should I report this?

If this is happening, you can bet we already know and we're working hard to get it sorted! Unfortunately, all you can do is hang tight and keep an eye on the Twitter or Support Pages above. We'll send our best people into a big pool of cables, and they're not allowed to come back up until it's fixed!

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