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Updated Thursday October 14th: Reporting Cheaters & Hackers
Please make sure to include your support ID which can be found in the left hand corner of your in game settings page
We're currently working on adding Epic's Anti-Cheat which will be a huge step forward as we continue to improve things!

Updated Thursday August 13th: My Steam Name Changed to 'Fall Guys 1234'
All Steam Players will see that their name has been updated. This is a temporary fix to solve some reported name exploits.
You will currently be unable to update this name, and once a fix is available your name will automatically change back.

Updated Thursday August 13th: My Crowns or Kudos are Missing!
Some players are reporting delays in seeing their Kudos or Crowns appearing. The game currently says to restart to get your rewards - but it can take up to 48 hours to credit you.
Still missing after 48 hours? Get in touch by clicking Common Issues (Start Here) > I Am Missing My Crowns or Kudos

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